Lakeside Resources That Will Float Your Boat

Windermere Mercer Island

Shorelines are heavily regulated in King County and, love it or hate it, the tight guidelines help keep our Puget Sound lakes in good order. King County’s Lake Stewardship Program has produced several fact sheets on lakeside regulations.

If you’re wondering what you can plant and still be in good graces with the powers that be, check out their Lake Friendly Landscape and Garden fact sheet. Find info about aquatic plant management, algae in our lakes, boating restrictions, and even how to wash your boat and dock in a way that keeps phosphorus out of our lakes.

Another great resource is King County’s Lake Services and Information page with a wealth of information on everything from lake history and water quality to lake maps and recreation info. One can look up individual lakes throughout the county and even sign up for lake alerts.

Info on rivers, streams, watersheds and wetlands can also be found on the site-a great resource to know what’s what for both land owners and developers alike.

There’s no doubt that waterfront has many intricacies and nuances that require one’s full engagement. We’re here to help put resources and tools at your fingertips!

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