December 15th Seattle Area Waterfront Report

Windermere Mercer Island

Washington’s Coastal Atlas includes thousands of shoreline photos and environmental data on Washington’s lakes and beaches. An interesting report titled Washington Aerial Oblique Photography was released in September by the Shorelands & Environmental Assistance Program of the Washington State Department of Ecology. It outlines the history behind the acquisition of these photos that help manage and characterize the cumulative and secondary impacts of growth on Washington’s 28,000 miles of marine and freshwater shoreline over the last 40 years.

In 2015, Ecology was awarded Project of Special Merit funds through NOAA’s Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Section 309 Program to acquire new photographs, and in 2016, they contracted for approximately 20,000 photos to be flown of about 4000 miles of shoreline.

The 2016-2017 aerial photographs are available online through Washington’s Coastal Atlas, along with all the previous photo series. In addition, Ecology has also begun work on an updated version of the Washington Coastal Atlas and specifically, in the way oblique photos are displayed and distributed.

This Week’s Waterfront Activity


Lake Sammamish ($4.5 M) and Mercer Island ($3.4 M)


Yarrow Point ($12.0 Million)


Kirkland ($2.8 M), Mercer Island ($4.4 M, $6.5 M) and West Seattle ($1.8 M)


No closed sale activity this week

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