Upscale Remodeling Cost to Value + Seattle Area Waterfront Report

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Every year, Remodeling Magazine produces its annual Cost vs. value report providing a detailed analysis into how much popular remodeling projects cost—and the value they add to your home—in various regions across the county. Thanks to our robust housing market, Seattle beat the national average for recoup on every single project.

A few key takeaways we learned from this report for the luxury sector are:

Exterior “curb appeal” improvements generally pack a bigger payback than interior projects: Upscale garage door replacement tops this list with an average 141.2% return, followed by vinyl window replacement at 97.9% and enhancing a grand entrance at 97.6%.

Relatively inexpensive improvements are easier to recoup than pricier remodeling projects (as well as the simple fact that tastes vary widely from one homeowner to the next).

Remodeling existing spaces usually nets more than addition/expansion project. This can be seen in a mere 62.5% return on upscale master suite additions.

For the full Seattle report on all 21 projects, including project descriptions and scope, click here!

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Mercer Island ($4.4 M), South Bellevue ($2.4 M) and Yarrow Point ($5.0 M)


Holmes Point ($3.4 M)


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